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Triumph of the Marine Venus
Sebastiano Ricci (1659–1734)
about 1713 oil on canvas


If I ever get married, then the ceremony will probably end up being a reenactment of this video.

I really have to get out of my shell and start listening to people.. i guess ive been so used to not caring that i dont pay close enough attention but i want to.

People have so much to say, i just want to sit and listen. Not even bad things, but history, experiences.. its amazing how much people have achieved in the short time theyve been alive.

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Got my boyfriend new boxers, iphone earbuds, and a tiger bead bracelet today :)
Gonna wash the laundry, than cook lasagna with garlic bread for him tonight :D

When he gets home, were gonna smoke, eat, watch shrek, have crazy, passionate, loud sex, and pass out heheh

I luv ma life :D

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